All porcelain and stoneware pieces are high fired to Cone 10. Most of the work is reduction fired in a Bailey downdraft 18 cubic foot kiln. This kiln is very efficient with forced air blowers. I use an oxyprobe to control the reduction. I also have a 24 cubic foot Westcoast updraft that is rarely fired at this time as it is a propane hog. I bisque fire in an electric L & L DaVinci kiln and also have a smaller electric L & L kiln for Cone 10 oxidation firings.

Bailey Kiln

Clay & Glazes

The stoneware clay that I use is WC427 from Laguna Clay. It fires a nice color in reduction and also has good handbuilding qualities. The current porcelain clay is from Seattle Pottery Supply. All glazes are mixed in my studio and contain no harmful ingredients making all surfaces food safe.

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