The imimIpat People

This exhibition is a collection of artifacts recently discovered from an archeological site somewhere in the world. The exact location is not revealed to protect items that may remain to be discovered. The imimIpat people, now extinct, inhabited a land of mountains and lakes where food was abundant. They are termed complex collectors rather than hunter gatherers. No evidence remains that they ate their captives as legend suggests. In fact, indications to the contrary exist that the captives were well treated although forced to work very hard.

Their religion revolved around harnessing the power of the sun, stars, water and animals. They developed societies like the Crazy Fish, Crazy Owl, etc. and wore emblems of their membership on their bodies. Each society played an integral part in various ceremonies.

The artwork of the imimIpats is found in clay figures and wall ornaments representing the fundamentals and origins of their culture. Wood was often combined with the clay figures to suggest movement and action. These people also had a strange fascination with geometric shapes.

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