May 2010 - Random Thoughts

5/8/2010 - Been neglecting this as I have been busy getting ready for my show at St. Mary's Art Center this month and during June. The last pieces came out of the kiln last Thursday. The studio is now cleared out of all the show pots and looks rather bare. The opening for the show is June 5.

Show Announcement

I am starting a wood sculpture instead of more pots. I would like to have the sculpture done to put in the show. Having a knee replacement in July and am hoping that doing some wood will be less of strain on my knee.

5/20/2010 - The show has been set up for a week and the wood sculpture is progressing. Had the carpet torn up in the gallery yesterday - new one goes in on Monday. The old one was very nasty and is now in a landfill where it can continue to rot. Of course, everything that was in the gallery is in my work area and there is very little room to work. Sold one of the big baskets on Etsy - thrilled to pieces over the sale. Hoping for more.

5/22/2010 - Snow on the rooftops this morning. Am convinced summer will never come here this year. All of 29 degrees at this point. Made good progress on the wood sculpture yesterday. Need to do a little patching and paint touch up in the gallery today and then back to the wood sculpture. It needs arms! The gallery is back together thanks to help from a friend.

5/29/2010 - The wood sculpture is 95% finished. Pictures to follow. Really missing clay work and will do some even thought I said I wouldn't until after the knee surgery. Just can't help myself. 2 pots sold out of the show so far and it doesn't even open until next Saturday.

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