June 2012 - Random Thoughts

6/9/2012 - last kiln unloaded. Now I am pricing and packing up all the pots. Need to get them out of the studio to have room to work.

Fired Pots

6/11/2012 - Zoomorphics for the July show.

Animal Forms

Baskets for show.


Fang Dings

Fang Dings

Everything is now packed into 9 milk crates and ready to be stored until the show. Need to get it out of my way so I can work on the February show pieces.

6/25/2012 - Since today is my birthday and there are not enough candles in the world to put on a cake, here is my motto. "We are shaped by the things we shape. It's as simple as that" from The Potter and His Children by Robert Caples. Hope to keep shaping and creating pieces for some years to come.

Covered Jar





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