January 2011 - Random Thoughts

1/1/2011 - my New Year's job - inventory the gallery and close out the books for the year. Lots of snow here so maybe a little shoveling too.

1/3/2011 - starting on the pieces for my show next September at St. Mary's Art Center. I will be celebrating my 40th year in clay. Hope to have 50-60 pieces for it. Did finish the inventory today - have a lot of inventory in the gallery - sure would be nice to sell it all and make room for new things.

1/16/2011 - 2 covered jars assembled for the show. Carving knobs for them now.

1/21/2011 - started cutting rigid foam board for slump molds yesterday with the saber saw. Think I need some more practice with the saw. They are not terrible, but not perfect. Want to make some large square platters and probably some smaller sizes too. Cutting the 45 degree angle on the inside of the mold is the hard part.

1/25/2011 - the first dinner plate came out of the mold yesterday. Really pleased with it. Bought 3 more sheets of rigid fiberboard in 1/2" for more molds.

1/30/2011 - hip deep in molds for square plates - all sizes from dinner to saucer. Getting better with the saber saw, but need some longer blades to cut the 2" foam board. Finding that platters with a bent rim tend to warp rather badly. I think adding a rim would be better.



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