January 2010 - Random Thoughts

1/31/2010 - 17 pieces left to glaze - hope to finish today, load the kiln tomorrow and fire on Tuesday. Applied the red iron oxide to the haniwa figures yesterday. I am now an official member of the red hand society. Broke one of the ear thingies on the figure below - will see if it can be repaired. Hells bells! Where did January go? This week will be the week of big platters - some round, some cut square. Looking forward to that.

1/29/2010 - Glazing this week - 62 pieces done so far and about 30 more to go. Need to make some more batches of glaze to finish. Hate that part of it.

1/23/2010 - Now that I have the tax stuff organized for the accountant, I can start glazing. Of course, there is nearly a foot of snow in front of the gas kiln so I am off to shovel (again).

1/14/2010 - Finished a haniwa figure yesterday. These are Japanese in origin and were placed on funeral mounds as guards or figures familiar to the departed.

HaniwaHaniwa Detail

1/13/2010 - Sure - as soon as I get the driveway cleared of snow and ice, it does it again. Looks like a couple of inches with more to come. I was ready to start glazing to get a load fired in the gas kiln.

1/8/2010 - wonky vases today and probably all weekend. Here are 2 from an earlier firing with a shino glaze with the one finished today.

Wonky Vases


1/6/2010 - thinking about haniwa burial figures this morning. Maybe some smaller ones would be good for my show in May/June.

Haniwa figures

1/5/2010 - 4 of the large pitchers done. Working now on little ones. Have enough slabs cut out to do 11 of them.

1/2/2010 - Think I finally have conquered the design problem with the pouring lips on some handbuilt pitchers. I got out the graph paper and worked with triangles until they looked right. I then transferred the triangles to templates so I can easily reproduce them. It has been a long, long time since I took geometry. Will do more pitchers today and see how they look. Hope they pour OK.


Threw a dozen little plates, cut them square after trimming and then decorated them with Hopper's black slip and paper resist. Want to glaze them with a shino and see what the slip does.


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