February 2010 - Random Thoughts

2/6/2010 - 5 more pots to glaze, then finish loading and try to get the kiln fired in between snowstorms. Was going to try to spray the 5 pots this afternoon, but it is snowing too hard. Is tomorrow another day?

2/7/2010 - no glazing today as there is about 4 inches of snow here and a howling wind.

2/9/2010 - no glazing yesterday either as it was bitter cold. Today it is a little more snow and heavy fog.

2/12/2010 - the last 3 pots will get sprayed today - come hell or high water. Spray today, load in the kiln and fire over the weekend. Anxious to see all the tests that will be in this kiln.

2/13/2010 - The kiln is loaded and will be fired tomorrow. Today I am going to finish up some glaze tests - some shinos and a few other things. Been reading up on shinos and looking on the web at pots. Will try a new firing schedule for the shinos to see what I can get.

2/17/2010 - Kiln is fired and unloaded. Some mixed results with glazes than ran and ruined several mugs. Some nice things too. Here are the haniwa figures:


2/23/2010 - Throwing bowls, small plates and big platters this week. Got lots more snow on Sunday to add to the difficulties of navigating the driveway. Anxiously awaiting spring. Had trouble getting to ^10 in the last firing in the gas kiln. Did reach a hard ^9. Maybe I moved the target brick out too far before the last firing. Will try moving it back and see what that does. The firing was about 2 hours longer than normal too.


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