February 2011 - Random Thoughts

2/2/2011 - starting work today for a show in July at Reno's ARTown. Pretty excited about this as I will be showing with 3 other great designers: fiber, paint and glass artists. Great opportunity to show with very high quality work.

2/7/2011 - just finished watching Sandi Pierantozzi's 2 disc DVD on soft slab construction. I think this is going to be a life changing direction for me. Since I have been doing textured stiff slabs for 2 years, this dovetails nicely with what I have been doing and expands ways of doing it. I would recommend these DVD's highly. Also check out Sandi's webiste: www.sandiandneil.com

2/9/2011 - 2 pieces done with the soft slab method that I am mostly satisfied with. Sandi makes it look easy on the DVD's - it ain't.

2/12/2011- new basket finished yesterday and drying.

New Basket

2/14/2011 - another basket almost done and a footed serving tray.

2/24/2011 - 4 tall baskets drying.

Tall Baskets

2/26/2011 - big snow storm here yesterday. Got lots done in the studio while it dumped big time outside. This is the table on the deck.



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