April 2011 - Random Thoughts

4/6/2011 - last of the baskets in the bisque kiln today. Should be able to fire it on Friday. Then it is glaze, glaze, glaze until I have a kiln load for the gas kiln. Wind is blowing and temperature is dropping - big storm coming. Will it ever be spring here?

4/8/2011 - got a lot of very dusty bisque washed yesterday and started waxing bottoms. This is the part that I like least.

4/10/2111 - Talk about OCD. Here is what I need to get glazed and loaded into the kiln this week.


4/12/2011 - it is loaded with 16 pieces left over for the next firing.

Loaded Kiln

4/15/2011 - unloaded the kiln yesterday - some nice pieces.

Latest Firing

4/17/2011 - starting loading the dry bisque pieces yesterday. Need to get the tables cleared off for production of the next load.

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